How to Make Delicious Durian Soup Serabi

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serabi kuah
Serabi kuah durian (Foto:
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – This traditional snack has many fans. The taste is delicious and delicious, making pancakes suitable as a snack in the morning.

Serabi can be found in various cities on the island of Java. However, the most popular ones are the solo serabi, which is soft in tone, the Bandung surabi with its distinctive oncom dressing, and the serabi soup commonly found in East Java.

You can add extra durian to the sauce for the soup for a more delicious and appetizing taste. The aroma and delicious taste of durian will spoil the tongue.

No need to buy it, to enjoy this durian pancake, just make it yourself at home. How to make durian serabi is quite easy and simple. The following is the recipe reported by food blogger Yulichia88:


200 gr rice flour
50 gr flour
550 ml coconut milk slightly thick
1 whole egg
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp fermipan
Pandan leaves, to taste, torn
Salt to taste
Durian Soup Ingredients:
200 gr durian meat
500 ml coconut milk from 1 coconut
2 pieces of brown sugar, comb
2 tbsp sugar
3 pieces of pandan leaf knot
Salt to taste

How to make:

Durian sauce: Cook brown sugar with a little water until it melts. Filter.
Put all the durian sauce ingredients in the pan. Stir so that the coconut milk does not break.
After boiling and slightly thickening, turn off the stove. Set aside.
Serabi: Cook coconut milk, salt and pandan leaves, stirring until it boils. Turn off the heat, let it warm.
In a bowl, mix the rice flour and wheat flour, pour the coconut milk a little at a time then add the eggs and fermipan. Stir well. If not smooth, filter the dough.
Let the pancake mixture stand 1 hour
Heat the teflon, pour 1 tablespoon of dough vegetable. Bake until cooked.
Do the same thing until the dough runs out.
Serabi ready to be served with durian sauce. (Mic)