Es Manado, Like to Flirt Anyone

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NUSADAILY.COM – MANADO – Es Manado is very famous for its deliciousness. The presentation of ice consisting of a number of fruits is also always interesting and tempting.

No wonder the name of this ice is very famous in Indonesia. Even though it’s called Manado ice, it’s everywhere. It’s not hard to get ice on this one.

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Well, for those of you who want to enjoy Manado ice by making your own at home, this is a recipe that friends can try

1 young coconut, take the meat and water to complement the ice
Enough so that the supplementary strawberry (nutrijel) ice
To taste soursop juice that has been mixed with sugar
Sufficient sugar dissolve in water (sugar water)
1 avocado
Nata decoco to taste (I forgot to use this in the fridge)
To taste diced jackfruit
Sufficient sweetened condensed milk
To taste the basil seeds that have been soaked in water
Ice Cube
How to make
Arrange ice cubes in a serving bowl, add strawberry nutrition, jackfruit, avocado, young coconut meat, nata de coco.
Pour sugar water, soursop juice, young coconut water and basil seeds on top. Pour sweetened condensed milk on top. And be a fresh Manado-flavored Es Soursop. Enjoy.
Well, it’s really not easy to make it. Come on, what are you doing while the weather is hot too? Drinking this ice will be very delicious. (Aka)