Asinan Bogor, Fruit Plus Sauce concoction that Makes Mouth Huh … Hah …

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NUSADAILY.COM – BOGOR – In Bogor, West Java there is a food whose name is quite unique, Asinan ’. This pickle consists of fruits with spicy sauce. If in Java something like a fruit salad. Only the taste of Asinan Bogor is different from the fruit salad which tends to be sweet and spicy. If pickles have a different taste.

Salted fruit, although originally from Bogor, is also very well known in various regions. Even this food is a favorite. Especially by ladies and gentlemen. There are also many who like Asinan Bogor when cravings. For those who are curious about Asinan Bogor, you can try making it yourself because it’s not difficult.

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Because the ingredients can also be found in various regions in Indonesia. For recipes and how to cook them from cookpad, you can try this.

• 1 pineapple
• 10 guavas
• 1 young mango
• 3 cucumbers
• Just enough toge
• Adequate cabbage

• 5 large red chilies
• 5 red chili peppers
• 2 red cayenne peppers
• Sufficient sugar
• Just enough salt
• Just enough shrimp paste
• Enough vinegar
• Sufficiently boiled water
How to make
Prepare fruits and vegetables. More complete, better.
Peel, cut and then wash all ingredients.
Prepare chillies, if you can all big red chillies, so the colors will be bright and not too spicy.
Prepare salt sugar and shrimp paste. Everything is optional depending on how many salted broth we want to make.
Prepare vinegar.
Red chili, cayenne pepper, sugar, salt, shrimp paste are mashed. Add water and vinegar. Continue to try first less urin sugar or less acidic. Look for the right taste on the tongue.
After that, mix the fruits and vegetables that have been washed earlier into the broth. Mix well so that the sauce is soaking up.
Pickled ready to be served. Store in the refrigerator add fried peanuts and noodle crackers.
How? Very easy is not a way to make pickled Bogor. Come on, what are you waiting for soon? (Aka)

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