Rich Brian on “Overproud” Fans: Why?

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rich brian bicara soal fans overload (antara)
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NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA- Brian Imanuel Soewarno talked about the phenomenon of the behavior of a number of Indonesian fans who are considered too proud, overproud, for their idol artists who have careers in the international world.

According to the 20-year-old singer, there is nothing wrong with fans who show their pride in their worldwide idol artist.

“Why if Indonesians are proud of Indonesian artists being considered overproud? The proof is that I have never seen a foreigner say stop being so proud of your artist, ”said Brian in an interview with Najwa Shihab, which aired on the YouTube channel Najwa Shihab on Tuesday (18/8).

The rapper, whose stage name is Rich Brian, said he could not stop thinking when a netizen commented on his social media page reminding other netizens not to be too proud of their idol artists because they would embarrass them in front of the international community.

“We as Indonesians should not overthink what other countries will think, at some point it is not important,” he said.

According to him, what had to be done was the opposite, namely supporting Indonesian artists to work.

“The most important thing is if you want the Indonesian music industry to advance, support all artists. Of course you have your own tastes, but if you don’t like one song. Think more deeply about whether I don’t like the song because of the song because of the face of the person, ”said Brian, who is fluent in Indonesian, quoted from Antara.

As a child who grew up in Indonesia, Brian regretted the perspective of Indonesian fans who liked to caste singers.

“I grow up in Indonesia and I see people seeing Indonesian artists have different levels. People don’t really respect some local Indonesian artists because they have a little shame in their hearts, whatever dangdut is, “said Brian, who claimed to be always proud of Indonesia.

Even though he comes from ethnic Chinese descent, Brian admits that he never saw this as an obstacle for him

“Personally I’m just trying to be a good person. If there are people who are not nice to me, it means that they are not suitable to be friends or humans, ”he said commenting on discrimination related to his ethnicity.

However, Brian admits that he has an introspective sense of his ethnicity.

“I have self awareness in my head because I know the stories in my family that there is a history of that matter. But I’ve never been affected by anxiety or insecurity, but in my mind in some situations I have to adjust to the situation, ”he said, adding that this feeling actually arose when he had to live and work in the United States.

“In every country, every situation will exist … at the end of the day, people must remember to be yourself.”

Brian feels grateful that he was born and raised in Indonesia because thanks to that he has a broad perspective as he is now.

Representation of Indonesia

Rich Brian also talked about how he introduced Indonesia to the world’s citizens through himself and his work.

According to him, representing Indonesia does not need to always boast that he is Indonesian but enough with good work.

“I think the best way to represent Indonesia is to be the best in your field. The important thing is to give 100 percent in what you do and from the first the mentality that I want to remind myself of, I never want to feel pressured because at the end of the day people will also know that I am from Indonesia. “

Brian admitted that he always introduced Indonesia through the lyrics of his songs. “In my lyrics I tell a story, for example, I came from Indonesia to America. I make it as personal as possible, one of the keys to being a good artist is to be honest, as honest as you can. “

Rich Brian became known to the world since he released his debut single “Dat $ tick”, in March 2016 on SoundCloud.

Together with the label 88Rising, he then released a number of albums such as “Amen” (2018), “Head in the Clouds” (2018) and “The Sailor” (2019).

Recently, Brian has released a number of singles such as “Love In My Pocket” and “Don’t Care”. (Int3)

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