Rich Brian is Involved in a Film Project by 88rising

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NUSADAILY.COM -JAKARTA- Rich Brian is rumored to be involved in a film project currently being worked on by music label 88rising.

Citing Deadline, the U.S. label has reportedly signed a cooperation contract with Sony Pictures TV to develop a film project that highlights Asian and Asian-American culture.

As for the project, as citing Billboard, including a comedy series called We Stan, which tells the story of K-pop fans and includes rappers Jon ‘Dumbfounded’ Park, and Rich Brian.

Meanwhile, the show was written and directed by Justin Chon, an actor of Asian descent who famously starred in the film Twilight.

Rich Brian’s ability in entertainment other than music is quite exposed.

During his time with 88rising, the Indonesian rapper often appeared in various shows on the 88rising YouTube channel, where Brian often appeared as a guest star. (sak/ant)