“Mauli Bulung” Film Collaboration the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy &Temata will be Produced

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Aktor Teuku Rifnu Wikana akan berpartisipasi dalam film kolaborasi Kemenparekraf dan Temata Studios berjudul "Mauli Bulung". (Instagram.com/rifnuwikana)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – “Mauli Bulung”, one of the best scripts produced by the film and TV scenario development masterclass program held by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenparekraf RI) “SCENE 2020” in October 2020 will be used as a film by Temata.

Director of Creative Industries film, television, and animation ministry Syaifullah Agam said the reason for the selection of Temata as a collaboration partner considering the track record of the production house.

“Temata’s track record in producing films has been the lure of this collaboration. Temata’s vision and mission in voicing diversity is also a strength in itself. This collaboration we hope to be a driver of the production of films and content that raises the local wisdom of Indonesia, more,” he said in a press release on Monday.

Director of Film and Serial Production Temata Studios, Rahabi Mandra said the collaboration began the search for the Ministry of Justice to find a suitable production house to work on the script of regional writers.

“After the discussion and assessment process by the Ministry of Justice, we were finally able to choose one of the best manuscripts resulting from the workshop. We also have a similar initiative with the Ministry of Justice, called Temata Locals, which is an educational and film production activity involving regional filmmakers or filmmakers who raise the theme of Indonesia. So arguably, this collaboration with the Ministry of Justice is also thanks to our mission vision that is in line,” rahabi said.

Lifting the Domestic Issue

Furthermore, regarding the reason for choosing “Mauli Bulung”, Rahabi said his story is interesting because it raises a domestic issue that is thick with customs. According to him, family stories usually feel close to many circles, so it is appropriate to work on a film that can absorb a wide audience.

“In addition, in this film we want to expose the beauty of Lake Toba, this is also in line with the mission of the Ministry of Justice to make Lake Toba as one of the 10 New Bali Destinations,” he said.

Temata since its establishment in 2015, is committed to presenting Indonesian-themed works from a variety of perspectives. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Temata Studios, Tesadesrada Ryza, argues that many values either from local wisdom or through local stories in Indonesia can provide positive inspiration to the wider community.

“Our compound society can better know the culture and customs of other regions, also encourage tourism potential there. This is the spirit of Temata to pour regional stories through an audio visual medium that is packed with more interesting, in order to inspire especially the younger generation to better know the cultural diversity in Indonesia,” he said.

Tesadesrada encourages participation from regional stakeholders to support film production in the region in order to continue to grow.

“Mauli Bulung”

The movie “Mauli Bulung” tells the story of a young man named Kevin who has just been abandoned by his beloved grandmother. The grandmother’s departure is considered to be the most coveted death in batak tradition or called saur matua mauli bulung, which is when the oldest figure in the family dies first from her married children and grandchildren.

According to Batak tradition, this death should not be challenged, but should be celebrated with a large family. Behind this event, there will be a variety of conflicts between Kevin and his family when releasing the departure of his beloved grandmother.

“We hope, ‘Mauli Bulung’ can be the local wisdom of the people of North Sumatra and the pride of the People of Indonesia as a whole,” rahabi said.

The film, written by Medan-based writer Dr. Immanuel Gintings, is planned to begin pre-production in April and shoot in August, with a target of airing in December 2021.

One of the actors who participated in this film, Teuku Rifnu Wikana who had starred in the film “Night Bus”, a film directed by Rahabi Mandra as a screenwriter and won six awards at the 2017 Indonesian Film Festival. (mic)