Vaccines Coming, Khofifah: I’m Ready to Be The First Vaccinated

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NUSADAILY. COM- SURABAYA – The Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa stated that he is ready to be the first person in East Java to be injected with the Covid-19 vaccine. This decision was taken by Khofifah to reassure the public that the vaccine used is halal and safe.

The plan, Covid-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech came in the first week of January 2021. East Java alone received 317,000 doses of vaccine.

“I am ready to be vaccinated first for East Java,” said Governor Khofifah during a Media Gathering at Grahadi State Building in Surabaya, Saturday (12/26/2020).

Khofifah believes that not a few people are still hesitant to be vaccinated. Therefore, he hopes that his decision can make the people of East Java more confident and believe if the vaccine is safe.

The presence of this vaccine is expected to bring East Java and Indonesia apart from the Covid-19 pandemic. And the wheels of the economy, education, government, worship, social and so on can run back to normal as usual.

Related to the number of doses obtained East Java, approximately 158,000 people will be vaccinated. That’s because one person has to be vaccinated twice in a 14-day time lag.

“To be intended, it will take precedence for health workers as the vanguard against Covid-19, TNI-POLRI and teachers,” he explained.

In terms of vaccine distribution, Khofifah said the East Java Provincial Government has prepared 2,404 vaccinators spread across 38 districts / cities.

Vaccinators have been certified after training in seven generations and each district/city has two programers.

Not only that, East Java Provincial Government has prepared a special container for vaccine storage of 1,860 cold chains and 8,601 vaccine carriers with certain temperatures. Kadinkes was specifically instructed to ensure all facilities and infrastructure in standard conditions.

“I want all verification done. Not just numbers, but check the conditions. Because it’s related to vaccine safety,” he said.

Khofifah reminded that people always apply health protocols in a disciplined manner for the common good.

Media Roles

At the media gathering themed ‘Anticipating the Impact of Christmas and New Year 2021 and handling Covid-19’, Khofifah also asked for an active role from the media crew to convey the message of health protocols to the public.

Use a Local CulturalLy Appropriate Approach
Approaches by the media to the community to the corners called Governor Khofifah can be carried out by approaching according to local culture.

“If through local radio, then it can be delivered in their respective regional languages,” he added.

Pentahelix approach in carrying out health protocols as one of the main keys to decreasing the number of Covid-19 in East Java.

The government explained that as of Saturday (26/12) it added referral hospitals from 127 hospitals, to 145 units.

From 6,611 beds to 7,001 beds. Not only the addition of Referral Hospital, IGD for infectious diseases in dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya is prepared.

The addition of beds in hospitals until the establishment of Field Hospital in Ijen, Malang is a concrete evidence of the seriousness of East Java Provincial Government in suppressing the spread of Covid-19.

“To this day Covid-19 has not stopped. All the readiness done by the government, will be useless if it is not supported by compliance in the community,” concluded the number one person of East Java.

Also present at the Media Gathering, Sekdaprov Jatim Heru Tjahjono, Pangdam V Brawijaya Mayjend TNI Suharyanto Kapolda Jatim Irjen Pol. Nico Afinta, Pangko Armada II (Laksda) TNI I.N.G Sudihartawan and various media representatives. (ima/aka)