Anticipating Surges in East Java COVID-19 Patients, Emergency Hospital Has Operated

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NUSADAILY.COM- SURABAYA – It has been a month since the Emergency Hospital has been prepared by the Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, as Chair of the Provincial COVID-19 Task Force, seeing an upward trend in East Java. Cooperation with the Central Government, the Emergency Hospital borrowed the assets of the Minister of Finance in the former Research Center for Humanities on Jalan Indrapura Surabaya. BNPB and the Central Task Force also assisted equipment and PPE.

This time, Khofifah delivered the Commander of the Joint Regional Defense Command II (Pangkogabwilhan II), Young Marshal Imran Baidirus, to see the operational readiness of the Field Hospital or the COVID-19 Emergency Hospital.

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On the sidelines of seeing the readiness of the Emergency Hospital, Young Marshal Imran Baidirus said his visit to Surabaya was under the President’s direction to the TNI, to be actively involved in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mainly, to participate in intervening in the acceleration of handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in East Java, Surabaya in particular, as an epicenter area.

“I was appointed by the Commander of the TNI, to coordinate how to help the Regional Government. So that we are more focused on dealing with the COVId-19 pandemic which now has its epicenter in the city of Surabaya, “he explained.

He said TNI Headquarters would assist the East Java Provincial Government in suppressing the distribution of COVID-19. And immediately inventory with the local government. In principle, medical team assistance will be prepared, and assistance in the form of public kitchens that currently exist in several areas in East Java.

“The TNI is also ready to deploy soldiers in terms of security. Later, like what, we will be ready to support, “said Imangk Pangkogabwilhan II.

Related to the completeness of the facilities of the Emergency Hospital or Field Hospital, Pangkogabwilhan II Imran explained, the efforts of the East Java Provincial Government to prepare for the Emergency Hospital had the required standard protocol. “As of today it has begun operating, and there have been patients who have entered,” he said.

This field hospital specifically serves COVID-19 patients in mild to moderate categories.

The capacity of 200 Patients
East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa detailed, the total capacity of the Emergency Hospital or COVID-19 Field could reach 200 people and could be extended by 500 people.

But the completeness of medical devices, security, and safety of medical personnel remain a major concern.

In the field hospital, four ventilators and thousands of PPE have been prepared to maximize services to the community. In fact, for health workers and their families, special rooms have also been prepared in the field hospital area.

“We are also preparing ICUs, ventilators, and we are also preparing for the backward circulation facilities,” Khofifah told

Emergency Hospital was built with two main bases, namely buildings and tents. One main building and five tent-based rooms that have been completed.

The five tents are divided allotment. For female patient tents, male patient tents, screening tents, and tents for administrative purposes. For the availability of health workers, the East Java Provincial Government collaborates with IDI (Indonesian Doctors Association) and PPNI (Indonesian National Nurses Association).

In this event the East Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol M. Fadil Imran, Pangdam V Brawijaya Armed Forces Major Widodo Iryansyah, Chairperson of DPRD Prov. East Java Kusnadi. Then East Java Provincial Secretary Heru Tjahjono, Chairman of the East Java Covid-19 Curative Cluster Joni Wahyuhadi, and Chairman of the East Java Promotive / Preventive Cluster Suban Wahyudiono. (ima / top)