Recommendations for Original Indonesian Shoes

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NUSADAILY.COM – MALANG – Shoes have become a mandatory fashion item as well as the lifestyle of young people of the millennial age. Because of this many types of shoes have sprung up according to their suitability, needs and comfort.

Call it Adidas and Nike, which on average the articles carry the concept of sports and running shoes and Vans and Converse, which on average the articles are aimed at skateboarders.

Not only foreign brands, but now there are emerging local brand shoes which are being actively pursued by millennials.
Well, do you know the brand of sneakers? Here are five brands of shoes that are very popular and are a favorite of many young people, especially men in Indonesia, of course.

1. Piero

Who does not know this brand? You can get the shoes whose brand already has a “name” easily at its physical stores that are spread all over Indonesia. Besides being circulated in the official piero physical store, these shoes are also available at unofficial shoe stores in your cities. With more modern models, you can get these shoes for Rp. 500 thousand.

2. Geoff Max

This Bandung-based brand won the hearts of its fans with a variety of shoe articles that are very comfortable for young people today, especially for skateboarders. Not only selling shoes, Geoff Max has several products including sandals, t-shirts, hoodies, and many more. For the shoes you can get at the price of Rp.350 thousand scattered in e-commerce in Indonesia and its store.

3. Pijak Bumi

Well, it’s called local pride, right? This shoe brand from Bandung is very unique and eco friendly because the material used is made from plant material. Besides sneakers, this brand also sells other types of footwear such as sandals, boots, loafers and many more. With prices ranging from IDR 300 thousand to IDR 1 million, you can wear this product to look fashionable but still love the environment.

4. Nah Project

Less than 3 years old, the name Nah Project has been very popular. This project became very popular when used by President Jokowi in the 2018 We THe Fest music festival. President Jokowi has even exhibited the collection of Yoga FlexKnit v2.0 made by NAH Project as his favorite sneakers. The sneakers lovers immediately chase down this Project NAH. Priced at Rp. 280,000 – Rp. 415,000, Nah Project has become one of the target brands of sneaker aka sneakerhead fans.

5. Compass

This Compass shoe has been around since 1998, which was re-branding in 2017 with the advent of the gazelle series. This design is claimed to be inspired by vintage shoes in the 1940s.

Priced at Rp 158,000 to Rp 248,000, Compass guarantees the quality of the shoes is not cheap. For the Gazelle model, the upper part is made of canvas material with very neat stitching, the sole of this shoe is also a vulcanized assembly which has a pretty good durability level.

So, you don’t need to import shoes. Many local brands are not inferior to the quality of foreign brands. I wonder which one are you interested in? (Sak/ Processed from various sources)