The Discovery of Thousands Pieces of Ancient Coins Buried in Banyuwangi Land

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koin kuno
Ribuan keping koin kuno ditemukan di areal parkir Warung Kemarang Banyuwangi
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NUSADAILY.COM – BANYUWANGI – The villagers of Wonosari, Tamansuruh Village, Glagah Sub-District were shocked by the discovery of thousands of pieces of ancient coins buried in the ground. Thousands of coins that began to petrify was found by a building porter while working on a parking area owned by Warung Kemarang.

While digging the ground, the worker accidentally found a chunk of an object that was originally thought to be a rock. However, after being dug deeper, it turned out to be an ancient coin whose number is estimated to reach thousands of pieces.

“Thousands of these ancient coins were discovered last Tuesday (February 2, 2021). At the time, my worker was lowering the ground about a meter in the parking area. When excavating the diggers found old coins,” said The Owner of Warung Kemarang, Wowok Meriyanto, Thursday, February 4, 2021.

Wowok claimed to have directly contacted the Banyuwangi Culture and Tourism Office to report the discovery of thousands of pieces of ancient coins. The Tourism Office together with the Team of Archaeological Experts went directly to Warung Kemarang to check the thousands of pieces of ancient coins.

“When weighed, the ancient hunk of coins weighed about 35 kilograms. Then the Team of Antiquities Experts conducted a search again using metal detector tools and rediscovered, but not many. A total of approximately 36.5 kilograms when weighed,” wowok said.

According to Wowok, the coins found are thin and perforated in the middle.

Ancient Coins

Now the buying and selling tool commonly called gobog money is still secured. His party plans to make the coin the history of Warung Kemarang.

“But if the tourism office or the government wants to make an ancient coin museum, if it is from the government we will give. Obviously we will not sell to anyone who wants to buy,” wowok concluded. (ozi/lna)