Sapudi Island Sumenep Produces the Best Race Cow in the World

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Sapi karapan berlari dengan kencang dia arena perlombaan.
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NUSADAILY.COM – SUMENEP – There is a mystical aura in every cattle race race in Madura. The sound of traditional music that sounds like the music of Jaran Kepang in Java, always accompanies before the race starts. However, behind the mystical aura is also always colored by the excitement that goes hand in hand with a tense atmosphere.

And as soon as people shouted Cul … when the cue count was finished, the cheers of thousands of spectators echoed on the pitch. Some spectators scattered behind the cows who ran fast. That is a picture of excitement in every race bull race.

The tradition of cow racing has become the identity and self-esteem of Madurese. Regional identity which has also become Indonesian identity. When the bull race takes place that’s when the contestants put out their best cows. Not just any cow that can be used for karapan, but the only choice cows are in Madura. For the sake of self-esteem, for the sake of Madura for the sake of Indonesia.

Discussing about the best cows for karapan, on the island of Madura there are karapan-producing cattle that are said to be the best in the world. The place is located on Sapudi Island, Sumenep Regency, East Java. Sapudi Island is one of the best and fastest breeding districts in every cow race competition in Madura that is ready to go international to raise the name of Indonesia.

Among lovers of bull racing, it is well known that Gayam District, Sumenep is also known as one of the best and fastest growing and producing cattle breeding places in Indonesia.

Cattle from Sapudi are Known to be Strong and Resistant in All Seasons
Why is the cow from Sapudi said to be the best? That’s because the race and population of cows in the Madura region are very guarded. So that the breed is not mixed with cattle from other regions.

Some special indications of Madura cattle. Namely dikemal has a physical that is able to survive in any weather conditions, including in extreme dry weather. Madura female cows who are thin due to lack of food can also still be pregnant.

A strong physique is formed from a cross between a bull with an Indics boss or a Zebu cow. Where genetically, has a tolerant nature to hot climates and is resistant to tick attacks. So this kind of cow is very suitable for races that require strong power.

In addition, the meat is also special. Madura beef has a bright red color. Soft texture and smooth fibrous and low in fat. Another advantage, carcass (weight of headless beef, legs, jerowan, and skin) Madura beef reaches 48 percent of the body weight of cattle.

According to the data, cows from other areas in Java, the carcass weight of 45 percent. Bali cows carcass weight reaches 51 percent of the body weight of cows. But Bali’s bones are small bones, bigger than Madura’s.

Even on Sapudi Island (Sumenep), cattle population is more than the total population. There, there are about 50 thousand cows. While the population is 40 thousand people. (nurul anam)