Queen Cleopatra’s Sex Behavior from Ancient Egypt Makes Goosebumps

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NUSADAILY.COM – MALANG – The wild tradition of sex does not only occur in the current era as is widely shown in porn films. But long in the year before Christ, there were already famous hot sex habits. In fact, one of the actors was Queen Cleopatra, who was claimed to be the most beautiful in Egypt at that time.

Either because the Queen has a high sex drive or because she is not satisfied with men who have been her bedmates.

Because according to various studies, there are indeed many couples who still feel bored with their monotonous sex lives. In an effort to overcome boredom, there tends to be a variety of efforts, one of which is to change the style of making love. From the initial normal and normal as it is, to be naughty and wild or commonly called kinky sex.

In ancient times, this kind of sex has existed since ancient times. Namely in the era of the Roman Empire of Caligula, with strange and mysterious Christian sect practices.

Whereas in the present, some couples are more willing to explore wild sex on the bed.

The most extreme history of kinky sex that has ever happened in human history, as quoted from List Verse, Monday (03/12/2018).

One of them was the Cleopatra’s Life Bee Vibrator, one of the queens in Ancient Egypt. Indeed, ancient Egypt was famous for its sexual irregularities. As can be seen through the works of art and religious practices of the ancient Egyptians, many of them experienced zoophilia, aka bestiality.

Zoophilia comes from Greek: zoon means animal and phia means love. Overall this abnormality is translated as a paraphilia of the stigmatic or eligibilic type, where sexual arousal and orgasmic attainment require and depend on the sexual activity of other species, animals.

It is said, at that time, since 3000 BC, many men who vent their sexual desires to farm animals.

Not only ordinary people, even Cleopatra’s classmates, the Queen of Ancient Egypt from 51 BC to her death in 30 BC, were adherents of kinky sex. His love story with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony has been known to many people.
But one thing that has not been sniffed by his people, that the Queen has a sex toy that is very absurd. That is a vibrator that is filled and moved by hundreds of living bees.

This discovery symbolizes the characteristics of ancient ingenuity. The concept is simple, it has phallic shaped objects which are perforated and filled with live bees. This tool will move fiercely, causing the object it recognizes to vibrate violently.

In this way Cleopatra is said to be able to feel the extraordinary pleasure of beating her sex with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. But for women today, don’t try it. If the bees are released, it can be dangerous. (aka)