Governor Gives Appreciation For Artists and Guards of Cultural Heritage

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NUSADAILY.COM – SURABAYA – Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, accompanied by East Java Deputy Governor, Emil Elestianto Dardak, expressed his appreciation and dedication to the artists of the East Java culture of uri thieves and the guards of the place and site of the Cultural Heritage in East Java, Sunday, April 19, 2020 2020 .

The appreciation was given in the month of Ramadan, but given the atmosphere of the Covid pandemic, it was hoped that they could reduce their burden as Covid-19 affected.

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The granting of compassion from the governor for the dedication of the guardians of the site and Cultural Heritage in East Java is intended as a form of concern for the East Java Provincial Government. Bearing in mind that artists are currently quiet of jobs and performances due to Physical Distancing and Social Distancing Covid-19 policies.

Appreciation from the Governor was given to 750 outstanding artists with money of Rp. 1 million per person and 240 people preserving cultural heritage, each of whom received cash worth Rp. 1,050,000 per person.

Lupus, one of Ludruk’s artists, so appreciated the assistance given by Governor Khofifah, when given the time to give an impression.

“Usually artists entertain the government and many people. Now it is the government’s turn to entertain us as artists, “Khofifah said.

Recognized or not, the fact is that a lot of artists’ work has been canceled because of the epidemic of Covid-19. He also hopes the Corona pandemic will end soon.

Several artists attended and received symbolic appreciation from Khofifah, namely ludruk artists such as Lupus, Kartolo, Sapari, Ndemo, Mrs. Nonik, and Mrs. Tina.

Fine artist groups such as Marsiam, Budi Bi, Aime, Anang Timur, Aris Darmawan, and Aris Daboel. From music artists Nasar Bathati and Yoyok Fals, theater artists Dedy Obenk and Saryono represent dance artists.

While the names of the preserver of the preservation symbolic aid recipients, namely R Slamet Acep (the tomb of Pangeran Tengah Arosbaya Bangkalan), Adi Purwanto (the tomb of Sunan Giri Gresik), Hartono (the tomb of Putri Cempa Mojokerto), Semin (Pari Sidoarjo Temple) and R. Moch Zainul Aziz (tomb of Sunan Drajat Lamongan). (Ima)

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