Banyuwangi Performance Art, Enjoy Virtual Art and Culture

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Foto : Nikmati Seni Budaya Banyuwangi secara Virtual
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NUSADAILY.COM – BANYUWANGI – Banyuwangi Regency Government is trying to revive the regional arts sector in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of them is by holding a virtual “Banyuwangi Performance Art” event which is broadcast live on social media platforms.

Even though there are limitations, at least this event can cure the longing of the people and tourists who want to enjoy the cultural arts of Bumi Blambangan.

Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas said that during the current pandemic, a number of arts and cultural activities that were usually held on the Banyuwangi Festival agenda had been forced to abolish since last March.

“Of course, this has consequences for local art actors. Although this is also felt by many people in other professional fields. For this reason, the district government tries to provide solutions even though they are within limitations, “said Anas.

One solution is to hold a virtual art event entitled “Banyuwangi Performance Art”. At this event, local art actors were given the opportunity to take turns and broadcast live through a number of regional social media channels.

“The actors of the arts take turns performing, some at tourist sites or hotels. We will show their performance live, so that anyone who is interested in art can enjoy it, ”said Anas.

Regency Government Gives Incentives to Performing Artists

Anas admitted, since the pandemic many artists have lost their livelihoods because they cannot perform due to the application of physical and social distancing. Through “Banyuwangi Performance Art” it is hoped that at least it can help the economy of artists. Because those who appear will receive incentives from the Tourism Office.

Want to Maintain the Spirit of the Artist
“It’s not much, but we want to keep the enthusiasm of the artists to continue working. We continue to consistently provide space for expression for their works. The difference is that in the past, the show was watched in one location, now we watch it through our gadgets, ”said Anas.

In addition, Anas hopes, in this way Banyuwangi can maintain its regional art branding. It is also part of Banyuwangi’s promotional investment efforts.

Meanwhile, the Head of MY Culture and Tourism Office. Bramuda said, there are more than 60 art studios in Banyuwangi that are involved in this virtual attraction agenda. They consist of dance, jaranan, and janger studios.

These virtual appearances are scheduled twice a week. The location starts from the hotel to a number of tourist attractions.

“The Dinas also provides space for art galleries to appear in a number of hotels. Because we are developing the concept of staycation tourism. Tourists who stay at the hotel are given additional facilities for cultural arts attractions while staying there. A new experience for them, ”said Bramuda.

Bramuda hopes that the live performance of cultural arts on social media will become a means of promotion for art studios. So, the public can easily contact and invite the art studio to appear on the show.

“People inside and outside Banyuwangi can see art on Youtube or live streaming Instagram on the Banyuwangi Tourism account, and this is also in order to promote art studios so that people can invite these studios,” he concluded. (ozi / aka)