Visit Polygon Factory, Governor Khofifah Invites the Community to Shop for Local Products

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NUSADAILY.COM- SIDOARJO- East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa invites the people of East Java to shop for local products. This method is one of the concrete strategies of Indonesia’s economic recovery due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“In a difficult situation like this, if we don’t buy it then who will? Do not let foreign brand products continue to dominate the domestic market. We must be proud of being made in Indonesia, “said Khofifah after visiting the Polygon bicycle factory in Buduran, Sidoarjo, Monday, August 3, 2020.

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According to him, the awareness to be proud and love made in Indonesia, must start from yourself. Afterwards, transmit the spirit of love of Indonesian goods to friends, friends, coworkers, relatives, through social media. Recommend if the goods made in Indonesia are no less good than foreign ones.

Khofifah rate, the quality of local brand products is not inferior to foreign brands. In fact, he said, local products are able to compete in international markets and exist until now ranging from textiles, food, electronics, to computers. Not a few foreign brands are actually made in Indonesia.

Khofifah himself admitted that almost all the products he used were local products. Khofifah exemplified, the outfits he uses everyday are mostly batik originating from various regions in Indonesia. Even with shoes and bags that are often used.

“I have a large collection of batik and songket from various regions in Indonesia, especially from East Java. Songket Kediri and Lamongan are very high quality, “he said.

The use of domestic products, continued Khofifah, will increase the production capacity of small, medium and large industries. This increase in production capacity will clearly have a positive impact on increasing income and creating jobs.

Provincial Government Encourages UMKM to Adapt
Khofifah said that UMKM was one of the sectors that felt the heavy impact caused by the pandemic. Therefore, buying local products will encourage MSMEs to keep producing and developing. In addition, also to increase the love of the motherland.

East Java Provincial Government itself is pushing for the MSME sector to be able to immediately adapt in this new normal era considering the pandemic has an impact on changes in market segmentation. Consumers, said Khofifah, are now beginning to switch themselves to digital sales and marketing.

“We are also racing against time. At present the East Java Provincial Government continues to strengthen its foundations so that they (MSMEs) do not stutter going online and are able to compete with products from other regions and abroad. In addition to stimulus or capital assistance, “he added.

Khofifah mentioned that Polygon became one of the successful examples of domestic products that were able to compete and win foreign markets.

In fact, most of the products are exported and absorbed by foreign markets. At present the export of this bicycle product every day is an average of 30 containers. Although there are a number of bicycle components such as tires and chains that still have to be imported.

During his visit Khofifah saw firsthand the process of assembling a bicycle. Khofifah also took the time to try out Polygon bicycle units around the factory area. (ima / top)

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