Greenfields Guarantees to Always Keep the Best Milk During COVID-19 Pandemic

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HIGIENIS: Karyawan Greenfields mematuhi no hands touch policy.foto greenfields

NUSADAILY.COM-BLITAR- Greenfields guarantee it still produces the best milk in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic. PT Greenfields Indonesia carries out strict protection for its farm. There are two dairy farms in the Ngajum region, Malang and Ngadirenggo Wlingi Blitar.

Efforts to continue to maintain the stability of the milk supply is carried out by conducting strict animal quarantine. This was confirmed by Head of Dairy Farm Development and Sustainability, Heru Setyo Pranowo to

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He explained that the direct spread of the COVID-19 outbreak also changed the employment service scheme in farms. Because the threat of the virus also affects work patterns and handling in livestock.

Recognized by the man who is familiarly called as Heru, maintaining the quality of milk and producing milk to guarantee community supply is important. During the impact, the regions do work restrictions will also affect the pattern of handling work in livestock.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus forced him to change treatment patterns for cattle. If usually cattle management can be done openly. Now he chose to be closed to handle the farm.

“We apply stringent standards for quarantine in areas, especially livestock. Because we still have to maintain milk production and the quality of milk must remain the best produced, “he explained to the parent of

He explained that long before COVID-19 became a serious threat, the handling protocol for quarantine was carefully studied. Armed with info from the spread of the virus that began in China. He seriously looked at the handling of dairy farms in China.

For this reason, they decided to place strict restrictions or quarantine farms. The initial stage of quarantine carried out in the first two months since the virus entered Indonesia. This is done to provide guarantees. That all workers and dairy farms can continue to operate and maintain the quality of cow’s milk produced.

“Long ago we have learned the Coronavirus distribution patterns, armed with experience from our farms in China. Finally, we decided to quarantine the farm for two months, “he said.

Greenfields Strict Quarantine Ranch

QUARANTINE: To keep the farm protected from COVID-19, all Greenfield’s employees are prohibited from contacting the farm until the pandemic ends. (caption)

Meanwhile, based on information from the Government Relations – Environment – Safety Manager of PT Greenfields Indonesia, Sunarko. All field workers are quarantined on the farm. The quarantine mechanism is carried out with strict health and operational standards. For two months all workers who enter quarantine on the farm are prohibited from making contact outside the farm.

“We have stringent standards and operations in conducting animal quarantine because all we do is to be careful and calculating under the SOP set by the company,” he said.

Sunarko also explained that during the first two months, all workers on the farm were guaranteed health and food. Even in farms are also equipped with sports facilities. All the needs of workers who are in the farm are borne by the company.

To eliminate boredom for farmworkers, sports facilities are provided to keep workers healthy and fit.

Sunarko also stated that all aspects of animal protection are taken into account. Starting from the mobility of animal feed and milk transporter transportation traffic is carried out under strict supervision. He gave an example for every truck in and out of the farm area would be sprayed using the disinfectant. While the truck driver is also sprayed using anti-bacterial. Because the truck driver workers are very vulnerable to bring the virus into the farm.

“We spray with disinfectant for inanimate vehicles, but for the people, we use anti-bacterial safe material to eliminate germs,” ​​he said.

Sunarko added that the handling procedures on the farm were carried out well. This is done so that the milk production produced continues to provide the best quality. Because in the vigorous coronavirus attacks humans needed an immune system that can produce strong immune. One of them is the body’s immunity produced from high-quality pure cow’s milk.

“The quality of milk and milk production must be maintained well, to maintain the need for milk for the people of Indonesia,” he said. (Hen)